I’m not sure if thats the correct term, but I have to re-do last year at school. (And somehow, I can do that in half a year, because I only have to re-do the stuff I failed at the first time..)

It sucks, but meh, to bad. It’ll give me some time to get some rest, which is nice. 🙂
(As you may recall, I was pretty stressed out before the vacation started…)

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6 Responses to Flunk’d

  1. Verminox says:

    It’s flunked, actually. And what subject(s) did you fail in?

  2. Jory says:

    Gah, that was actually what I was trying to type. >_< I mainly screwed up the last period. The assignment of that period was just to much for my group to handle, I focused on it really hard, causing me to fail other stuff, too. Some of them where also because I just couldn't be bothered to make a real effort. The only thing I don't get is that I failed math. I'm good at math. Better them most kinds is class. Yet somehow, I failed it. :S

  3. JunkieXP says:

    Well, that Pretty much Suck. But you’re gonna be allright.

    What are you doing the other half year that you don’t have to re-do your failed Math classes

  4. Jory says:

    The second half of the second year. (Which I’d also be doing if I would have made all my classes)
    There is a lot of shuffling with periods involved, but at the end, I’ll only be delayed 6 months.

  5. Verminox says:

    Ahh that sucks man. I usually fail in every other subject except for Physics, Chemistry and Math which are my favourite. Somehow I manage to get just about enough to pass the year though.

    By the way, what year are you in? High School or college? Because where I live in college you don’t need to actually repeat the entire year if you failed in a couple of subject, but just sit for the exams with the next batch the following year, which actually gives you an entire year off 😉

  6. Jory says:

    I’m in college. With us, it depends on how much you have to re-take if you can just sit it next year or not.
    Due to stuff, I totally fucked up the last period, causing me to not have enough points to advance to the next year right away.

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