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Born in 1988, Software Engineer, Dutch.

Just a note, I’ve done some serious cleanup on this domain. Mostly anything that’s gone should redirect here after about 5 seconds. So, if you are missing something, tough luck – I didn’t bother making backups since it was all … Continue reading

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A year on Ubuntu

As I was closing tabs in Firefox, I noticed a had my Twitter profile opened. When I saw the page, I was reminded of the fact that I’ve been using Ubuntu for over a year now. I wish I could … Continue reading

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The power of streams

A while ago at work, a customer asked that we add an export of a specific table in his database to his website. It wasn’t a difficult export, just get every row in the database and output it in a … Continue reading

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Stupid limitations

Today at work, I was tasked to move a website from an external hosting, to one of our servers. They gave me the FTP username and password, so I started to download the whole website. I then grabbed the database … Continue reading

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