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I just overheard my sister make a comment about some commercials. She said it didn’t make sence that you should eat 2 pieces of fruit and 200G of vegetables (commercial from the health department in our govermen), yet 90% of … Continue reading

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Buurgenootschap ‘t Bergske

Just ignore this post, ok?

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Know what to use where

Making something in PHP isn’t hard. Things get harder when it needs to be secure and when speed becomes relevant. But what to do when things really have to be at there absolute fastest? What if every µsecond counts? What … Continue reading

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Harddrivers are cheap, CPU’s aren’t; cache your data, fool!

I have been developing a while now, both as a hobby and education, and I see many people fearing that there database could possibly be a few MB smaller. So, when you talk to them about caching some data, they … Continue reading

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