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Scouting – back to where I started

When I was about 7 years old, I first joined our local Scouting group. I was a Welp (similar to Cup Scout). And now, over 12 years later, I’m a Welp again. 😀 Do note that now, its not as … Continue reading

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New job

The last four and a half or so years, I’ve worked at a gardening center. I liked it there, the work wasn’t to hard and the pay wasn’t to bad. Its not really something for me though. Recently, however, I … Continue reading

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Have a look at the new and improved me

Well, you can’t really, because I don’t have a photo of it yet, but lets see if I can explain the picture in less then a thousand words: I have glasses, now. (Hmm, that wasn’t to hard.) My distance sight … Continue reading

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I’m back – though I wasn’t really gone

The last two weeks or so, I’ve been kinda gone. Meaning: I still had internet access and whatnot, but the PC I normally use (the one where I have all my passwords filled out automatically, if I don’t have an … Continue reading

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