New job

The last four and a half or so years, I’ve worked at a gardening center. I liked it there, the work wasn’t to hard and the pay wasn’t to bad. Its not really something for me though. Recently, however, I got a chance at a new job thats much more in my area of.. things I like? The pay is about the same, the people there are nice, and the work is much more fun; I install / fix computers, now. 🙂 (It just has one downside: I only work half the hours I used to, so in total, less $$$. This downside also has an upside, though, so its okay.)

About Jory

Born in 1988, Software Engineer (BA), dutch. Will ad more later.
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2 Responses to New job

  1. Yvo says:

    Yes, but that upside isn’t really an upside, because you won’t be payed for it 😛

    That installing/fixing computers; do you do that alone or is it together with a colleague?

  2. Jory says:

    There is this guy there who does the work full time, he tells me what to do and I do it. (And if I have any questions, he’s there to awnser them.)

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