I’m back – though I wasn’t really gone

The last two weeks or so, I’ve been kinda gone. Meaning: I still had internet access and whatnot, but the PC I normally use (the one where I have all my passwords filled out automatically, if I don’t have an ongoing session already; the one I have all the software I use installed and configured; the one where all my work-in-development is) was broke. Its unbroke now, though. ^_^

A good point to start seems to be how the PC broke in the first place. Its a story with a rather long introduction, but lets keep it with this: this PC seemed to be having heat problems due to the GPU not being able to lose the warm air around it. Solution: Take out the TV out and modem cards under it nobody is using anyway. Simple enough, right? It all went great, untill I couldn’t see something, and decided to lean over, putting some weight on what I though to be the power supply. In reallity, it was the CPU cooler. Or more specific: the thing that holds the CPU cooler in place. Something broke, plastic went flying trough the casing, and I was screwed. Not only because the plastic thing broke (which was rather unimportant, really) but more so because the PC wouldn’t even boot anymore. Or at least, from what I could see; the screen told me it had no imput. After some searching (and a good tip from a friend) it turned out to be the RAM. It wasn’t broke or anything, it just somehow got moved into such position where it didn’t work anymore. Took it out, put it in again, and stuff worked again. ^_^
That wasn’t the end of it though, no sir. There was still the part of the CPU cooler that was broke. I couldn’t find one myself, but I knew my dad had been looking around, too, and when I got home from school + driving lessons today, it was fixed. 😀 Thanks, dad. (Now to remember to thank him when I see him…)
So, now, I’m back. Due to the fact that I wasn’t logged in anywhere on the other PC’s here (and I don’t remember my passwords and am to lazy to use recovery features build into things) I didn’t get the chance to blog about a few things though. (Go figure, the two weeks I can’t blog are the two in which the most blog-worthy things happen…) I’ll catch up soon, though; stay tuned!

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