If I’m dead, I don’t need them anymore anyway, do I?

I’m talking about my organs. You see, a while ago, I got a letter from city hall, imforming me that my identification card needed renewal (which it won’t get; I have a passport now, so I don’t need my ID card anymore. But thats besides the point.) and for a reason totally beyond my understanding, in the same envelope was some information about being an organ donor. Honestly, I don’t understand why it was in there; If you send people something like that, send it at a logical point in there life (So eigher when they become able to make the choise, legally, which was a year ago, or when they reach the age where they become likely to die.. but I gues by then the organs will be close the worthless…), and I can’t beleave they figured “Hey, lets be efficient and send this stuff together with the first thing we have to send somebody” or something; it is, after all, the Nederlandse goverment. :/
Moving back to the point of this post, I saw the organ donor promotion stuff, and figured “why not?” and because I couldn’t think of a good reason for not becoming an organ donor, I decided to become one. Non of that “Let my family / that person decide”, and no “but I want to keep those and those organs” crap eigher. And you know what, I hope I got buried without a single organ in my body. Well, not really; I hope donor organs won’t be needed anymore when I die, but thats probally idle hope….

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