Try before you buy

I wrote a post similar to this a while ago, but decided to delete it. Right now, I kind of regret that.

This is my personal opinion. It does not reflect that of Brandon or any other member of the ZB staff, as far as I am aware. So, if you’re offended by this, direct your anger at me, not them keep it to yourself – I don’t care

As anybody reading this will probally know, Brandon opened up the public b├Ęta of Zetaboards a long long time ago, and released the final version almost a year ago. People has been wining about it for ages and there it was, finally. ZB was there, people where happy, all was good.

But not for long. It didn’t take much time, before people started wining about other things. They wanted to convert their IF board to ZB, because ZB is so great. They had created test boards and they loved ZB. The converter needed to be ready now because getting converted would be the best thing that happened to their community, ever. I plead guilty to slight exaggeration.

Then came the converter. It was great, people loved it. There where some bugs and people was, at times, get impatient because they didn’t understand why the converter needed to run so long, but all in all, people where happy and all was good again.

But alas, these good times passed as well. A while ago and now again, there are people not asking but almost demanding to be converted back to IF. I do not know if it is even possible (well, everything is possible, but often the costs are simply go great for it to be anywhere near realistic) but if I where Brandon, I would not even bother and instead, tell them they should have tried ZB before opting in for conversion.

Hello, people? Do you not have a brain? Do you not try something before you buy it? I find it hard to beleave you go over to a car dealer and say “Hey, that new Ferrari looks nice, I’ll buy one.” without wanting a test drive first. And I bet you don’t go to the electronics store and randomly pick out a TV without at least looking if it meets your needs first. And the screen you are looking at and the desktop or laptop it is connected to, did you tell the sales guy “Yea, you know, just get me one, I don’t care.”?

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