Life Changes

A bunch of things changed in my life recently. Some big changes, other small. The first of these, is the half year internship at GeoTax I started on september first. At GeoTax, they develop software to help municipalities execute a bunch of Dutch laws. My job there is that of software developer. They use a pretty cool enviroment with a lot of new toys for me to play with. (Or one, Oracle. Another is JBoss Application Server.) I’m really enjoying it there – lots of nice and really smart people, a great project to work on. The money is nice too, and I really don’t mind working from 8.30 to 5. What does suck, is that in order to be there at 8.30 I have to leave my house at 7.15, and I’m normally home around 6.10.

Another thing that changed, is that for a few months now, I’v been doing squash. Its a pretty fun game and I’m really feeling better, healthier then I did back when I didn’t do any sports. (Even though since I started at GeoTax I’ve been less active when you look at the total picture – I go there by train, while I used to go to school on my bike, which is a 45 minute drive.) Its strange how two 45 minute sessions a week (which is my goal) can make you feel like you have way more energy.

Between the internship and squashing, I have way less time then I used to. As a result of that, I’m making much less hours at work these days (not that big an issue, as the internship also pays pretty good), I’ve had to cut back on the TV shows I follow (all good shows got cancelled anyway) and I’m reading far less (as in, from a few chapters a day, to one or two a week). I’m also spending much less time online. I don’t read half the articles I would have read if I had the time, and my activity at Zetaboards Support has dropped to an all time low.

Oh, and I have a girlfriend these days. I try to spend what little free time I have with her.

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Born in 1988, Software Engineer, Dutch.
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4 Responses to Life Changes

  1. Will says:

    Very cool! Lots of great activities happening in your life Jory. 🙂 There comes a time when priority lists smack us all in the face, and it seems to me that this is happening to you right now (or perhaps it happened ages ago… I can’t say for sure). Do you have an idea as to what happens when you complete your internship at GeoTax? Do they usually take on the best interns from the term, or is a case of “once it’s over, it’s over”?

    We definitely miss your top-tier support over at the forums. Seriously. We’ve considered putting a Jory mask on Stephen… but that probably wouldn’t be the same.

  2. Jory says:

    Hahaha. Yea I don’t see that mask working.

    The internship is actually a part of my education. I have to do two of them in total. That, plus three years of classes, will get my a Bachelor degree in computer science, or something along those lines. I’m not really following the program at my school in proper order. As a result of that, the two internships are at the end of the whole thing. (And its a four year education that I’m doing in five. 😛 ) So there is one more after this one, after which I will be done with school.

    So, after the internship is over, I will go to a different company for about half a year (well, 20 weeks really). After that, I’ll need to find a job. The companies where you did your internships are normally good places to start, assuming you didn’t screw up to much.

    Oh and yes, all of this has been pretty recent.

  3. Will says:

    I get the feeling that I’d be perma-banned for going anywhere near him with tape and a mask. 😛

    Sounds like you’re going to stay busy for the next few years, then. Haha! Good luck dude. 🙂

  4. Jacroe says:

    Congrats on the girl! I hope y’all stay together forever 🙂

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