URL Shortening done wrong

Today, on Twitter, I saw a tweet by one of my colleagues at my internship at e-sites. It was about an April fools day joke by Heikenen®. (If you don’t get it, don’t worry – its a bad joke anyway.)

In the tweet, my colleague linked to the website. And as all links on Twitter, it got shortened. (I beleave Twitter does this automatically these days – I’m not sure as I don’t use Twitter myself.) Now, in the (rather crazy) world where messages can only be 140 characters long, I understand the need to shorten URL’s – if you can only use 140 characters,  you don’t want to waste 64 on a URL like the URL of this post. 20 characters seems much better right.

But if you’re living in that crasy world, the 17 of http://bierpad.nl is better then to 20 of http://bit.ly/do4hsF right?

Now, I’m not saying everybody should be counting how long a URL is before they shorten it. But it wouldn’t be that hard to make those shortening services do that same counting for you, right?

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  1. Nicolas says:

    You would think so.
    However, sometimes the point of the shortened URL is also that people don’t know for sure where they are clicking to. *whistles*

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