A year on Ubuntu

As I was closing tabs in Firefox, I noticed a had my Twitter profile opened. When I saw the page, I was reminded of the fact that I’ve been using Ubuntu for over a year now. I wish I could add “exclusively” to the end of that sentence, but alas, my PC at work has Windows on it.

I’ve gone trough some changes with Ubuntu in the year. I started with Xubuntu 10.04. In time, I moved away from XFCE to KDE then then quickly to Gnome. Somewhere in between I also upgraded to 10.10, but I’m not sure about the chronology. With Ubuntu 11.04 came Unity, which I have a fair chance for about 2 weeks. Not really liking it, I have Gnome 3 / Gnome Shell a try. Anybody who gave Gnome Shell a try knows its not anywhere near as customisable as Gnome 2 was. That’s okay though, ’cause it rocks as-is. 🙂

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Born in 1988, Software Engineer, Dutch.
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