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The power of streams

A while ago at work, a customer asked that we add an export of a specific table in his database to his website. It wasn’t a difficult export, just get every row in the database and output it in a … Continue reading

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PHP’s SoapServer and generating WSDL files

Since PHP5, doing stuff with Soap became way easier. SoapServer and SoapClient where added, giving pretty much everybody the ability to create a simple SOAP provider and consumer. But, as always, there is a but. And the ‘but’ in this … Continue reading

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Tricking browsers that are storing passwords

For a system that I’m working on that I plan to, at some point, release as open source product, I am going to implement a system so that, to get the specific pages, you need to enter your password even … Continue reading

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Error reporting

This has been a draft for a while, so things are probally outdated but I’m still wondering about this, so here goes… I have been doing a lot more PHP lately then I have in a long while and that, … Continue reading

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