Woa, where is it all coming from?

Spam, I mean.
I understand one would get a spam email once every while. I would understand a few a week, even a few a day. I do not, however, understand how on earth my email adress can get 28 MB of spam spread over a total of more then 1000 emails in little over three weeks. Seriously, who are these idiots that feel they need to waiste all the bandwidth required to send me this just? What do they think they will gain from it? I mean, I don’t read that just, do you?… Didn’t think so.

(Seriously though, I don’t get it. Just to test things, make a new gmail account, do not use it anywhere, not for a single thing, and wait how long it takes before the first spam message gets to you. Whats up there? Are they just sending emails to @gmail.com, or is google leaking our adresses somewhere? I find the second easier to beleave.)

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2 Responses to Woa, where is it all coming from?

  1. Slack says:

    1000 in three weeks :O


    I have also been recieving alot of spam lately. I have a second Gmail account, that has yet to get any spam (w00t I guess). I hardly use it though, only the MySQL newsletter and some test accounts.

    I also noticed forums are being targeted alot aswell D:

  2. Jory says:

    Heh, I was looking trough my WP Admin panel last night and noticed Akismet has over 400 comments (and when I looked just now to see how its spellen, there where 65 new ones) plus about 50 comments held for moderation due to excesive link usage (one of them wasn’t spam. Sorry Matthew for noticing so late. :/ )

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