New theme

As you can see, I’m now using Brady Vercher’s Morning Sunshine theme. I renamed the flower image, as I didn’t really like that (might replace it with something at some point) but other that that, I love it. Much more cheerfull that the last theme I used, which matches how I felt back then and how I do now.

I do think I’m going to try and make it a bit wider though.. screw any 800×600 people who happen to come around. 😛

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Born in 1988, Software Engineer, Dutch.
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3 Responses to New theme

  1. Jory says:

    Update: The flower is back; I screwed something up and ended up having to re-upload all image. When I noticed the flower, I figured `meh, it looks fine like this, too…`

  2. Stanleh says:

    Tis very good Jory 😀 Nice…

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