I just overheard my sister make a comment about some commercials. She said it didn’t make sence that you should eat 2 pieces of fruit and 200G of vegetables (commercial from the health department in our govermen), yet 90% of all teethrot is caused by fruits (according to a toothpaste producer).
This got me thinking. Why do we rely on statistics this much? I know I don’t trust them unless I can see information on how they where gathered, but when I look around me, I think thats just me being paranoid. (Or other people being stupid. 😉 ) When I look around me, I don’t just see people take interpetations of statistics as facts, but just about anything else that looks in any way “official” or has enough impressive words in it. Ad to that the increasing ease of making a source of information look like it can be trusted to be objective and honest, and I worry. Because, if you can get half the population beleave that they need to eat fruit to be healthy, and use product X with its “unique” substance to stop the teethrot caused by that fruit, who knows what else you can do?

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  1. Stanleh says:

    You could be brainwashing me so I think that reading your blog increases my life span.

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