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Born in 1988, Software Engineer, Dutch.

Back on Windows

After using Fedora for a while, I’ve gone back to Window. This was mostly because Fedora just didn’t work for me, being just plain odd at some places (though that might also be KDE – I’m not sure exactly how … Continue reading

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URL Shortening done wrong

Today, on Twitter, I saw a tweet by one of my colleagues at my internship at e-sites. It was about an April fools day joke by Heikenen®. (If you don’t get it, don’t worry – its a bad joke anyway.) … Continue reading

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Fedora it is

As I mentioned in my “Dear Microsoft” rant-thing, I was planning on moving away from Windows. The first thing I wanted to look into, was FreeBSD, and I did. After installing it and getting a wonderfull commandline, I started poking … Continue reading

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Dear Microsoft

Dear Microsoft, for a while now, you have been promoting your new Windows 7 as the operating system everybody should use. Understandable, because Windows XP really does need to be replaced, and Windows Vista just isn’t what it should be. … Continue reading

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