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Born in 1988, Software Engineer, Dutch.

Life Changes

A bunch of things changed in my life recently. Some big changes, other small. The first of these, is the half year internship at GeoTax I started on september first. At GeoTax, they develop software to help municipalities execute a … Continue reading

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A flowchart everybody can understand

Computers are complicated, I understand that. Getting that stupid software to do what you want it to do can be a huge problem. Thank god anybody who does anything related in any way to computers (or anything technical, really) will … Continue reading

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Keep Europe free of software patents

Software patents suck. Sign the peption, maybe the politicians get it. </link-spam>

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Try before you buy

I wrote a post similar to this a while ago, but decided to delete it. Right now, I kind of regret that. This is my personal opinion. It does not reflect that of Brandon or any other member of the … Continue reading

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