Happy new year ^_^

Yes, I too am doing a `happy new year` entry. Sure, the last nine entries on the ZetaBoards Planet are all titled Happy New Year (almost literally; Aaron added a !, Potter informs us of the year and Tachyon seems to mock companies wishing everybody has a happy new year. The other six are litterally `Happy New Year`. Looks rather odd) but I felt this was a good excuse for a random blog, so there goes…

A new year, some new resolutions

I, like so many others, have some newyears resolutions. Some big, some small, I won’t bore you by listing them all. Some of the more important ones are working on my abillity to finish things, as I have a lot of ongoing projects, all of which I get bored with and therefore never get finished; I am going to try and have a bit more fun, as right now I oftenly find myself being to serious; lastly, I want to start giving more attention to doing small things that I have to, but don’t seem to get around to (This kinda adds to the first resolution I listed, actually). I am not going to strengthen my relation with god though, dispite it seeming to be a populair thing to do. (*turns of pinging just for now*)

My room, new and improved

A while ago (during JOTI-JOTA to be exact), my room got revamped. I don’t have any pictures of how it used to look (or maybe I do.. if I come across any soon, I’ll add them), but this is how it looks now. (2592x1944px, ~250 KB) The new look is much calmer, and makes it easier for me to relax and empty my mind when I’m there. I haven’t hooked up my GameCube or my DVD player to my TV yet, and the sound doesn’t go trough my equalizer/amplifier & speakers yet, mostly because I need to drill a hole in the thing they are standing on. (Mind you, I already did, just to find out the cables are to short; I need to put it all on the top shelve.)

Sinterklaas 😀

As you may remember from last year, Sinterklaas is basically our version of Santa Claus, except he brings us stuff on December 5th. (Though due to time constraints, we did half the gift-giving with Christmas..) This year, I got some CD’s (U2 & Nirvana), the comforters you can see on the pictures of my room, a little USB thingy for connecting harddrivers to my PC without having to build them in (not an external HD though) and a new pair of boxers. I also got myself Mario Kart DS, which is great fun. I can’t wait to race against another human being, too.

Writing stuff about PHP

I’m thinking of maybe writing some articles on PHP. I feel that I have enough experience with both PHP in particular and programming in general, that I may be of help to others, so why wouldn’t I, huh? Hopefully I’ll have motivation and time to write out some of the things I have in my head right now, we’ll see.

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Born in 1988, Software Engineer, Dutch.
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4 Responses to Happy new year ^_^

  1. Seth says:

    Write PHP articles… I’d read them ^_^

  2. Stanleh says:

    That’s a good looking Coca-Cola bin you got there Joreh

  3. Slack says:

    Happy New Year Jory =)

  4. Martijn says:

    Sinterklaas = beter dan kerst 🙂

    Happy late new year from me.

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