Buurgenootschap ‘t Bergske

Just ignore this post, ok? For our local community, Buurschap ‘t Bergske, I made a website. Its basically a mix of WordPress and Plogger, with some custom coding to make them blend together. Most work actually went into finding out how the backend of WordPress works (I didn’t need to modify much about Plogger) and I still don’t really have a clue. 😛 I’m fairly happy about how the website for Buurgenootschap ‘t Bergske turned out. The design needs some tweaking, and I need to get rid of / translate some of the outputs, but thats a worry for later. (read: That’ll never happen..)

Ok, so non of you care.. the thing is, this place is at least known to search engines, the new website isn’t. So, now it is. 🙂

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Born in 1988, Software Engineer, Dutch.
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  1. I highly dislike WordPress’s backend code … The only reason I use it for my personal blog is because I haven’t got the time to write my own and it’s the only one I know well enough to be comfortable in using. Maybe one day I’ll replace it … 😛

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