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Whatever pops into my mind…

Just a note, I’ve done some serious cleanup on this domain. Mostly anything that’s gone should redirect here after about 5 seconds. So, if you are missing something, tough luck – I didn’t bother making backups since it was all … Continue reading

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How keeping code in the right layer saved a website

At my job at e-sites, one of the projects I worked on was the new Sport 1 website. The website went live yesterday morning. About 20 minutes later, I was asked to look at why it was so slow. For … Continue reading

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Keep Europe free of software patents

Software patents suck. Sign the peption, maybe the politicians get it. </link-spam>

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I just overheard my sister make a comment about some commercials. She said it didn’t make sence that you should eat 2 pieces of fruit and 200G of vegetables (commercial from the health department in our govermen), yet 90% of … Continue reading

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