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Whatever pops into my mind…

Buurgenootschap ‘t Bergske

Just ignore this post, ok?

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Happy new year ^_^

Yes, I too am doing a `happy new year` entry. Sure, the last nine entries on the ZetaBoards Planet are all titled Happy New Year (almost literally; Aaron added a !, Potter informs us of the year and Tachyon seems … Continue reading

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Oops, little bit of downtime

As you may know, this website is hosted by ASO. As you may also know, ASO offers PHP trougn FCGI. And a few little while back, they made it easier. I assumed the old setup would continue to work.. untill … Continue reading

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New blog, yay…

I’m getting fed up with’s slowness, I’ve had enough of being limitide by the themes they chose, the options they provide, but writing my own news / blog system is taking to long (or actually; I have other, more … Continue reading

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