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I’m back – though I wasn’t really gone

The last two weeks or so, I’ve been kinda gone. Meaning: I still had internet access and whatnot, but the PC I normally use (the one where I have all my passwords filled out automatically, if I don’t have an … Continue reading

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Harddrivers are cheap, CPU’s aren’t; cache your data, fool!

I have been developing a while now, both as a hobby and education, and I see many people fearing that there database could possibly be a few MB smaller. So, when you talk to them about caching some data, they … Continue reading

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New theme

As you can see, I’m now using Brady Vercher’s Morning Sunshine theme. I renamed the flower image, as I didn’t really like that (might replace it with something at some point) but other that that, I love it. Much more … Continue reading

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Woa, where is it all coming from?

Spam, I mean. I understand one would get a spam email once every while. I would understand a few a week, even a few a day. I do not, however, understand how on earth my email adress can get 28 … Continue reading

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